Success at London Film Festival

cuentos de la bruja wins film festival awardsMike T. Lyddon’s latest indie horror film CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA has won two awards for BEST HORROR FILM and BEST B-MOVIE from FLICKS FILM FEST LONDON for the film judging block in the month of April.
Cuentos de la Bruja, which is the spanish language version of WITCH TALES, now moves onto the final judging in those categories at the FLICKS FILM FEST event at the end of June.
“I’m really stoked that Cuentos got the Best B-Movie award,” said Lyddon, “even though it’s more like a Z-budget movie!”
CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA is the spanish language version of the feature length anthology film currently on the festival circuit throughout 2019, while the english version of the film, WITCH TALES, is still being edited.
Short selections from the movie are also being considered for festivals worldwide.

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Cuentos de la Bruja Official Selection Reels of the Dead

Days of the Dead horror convention kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend and their concurrent film festival REELS OF THE DEAD will be showing Mike Lyddon’s latest feature film, a Spanish language horror anthology titled CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA (Witch Tales) on Sunday afternoon during the Foreign Films block. This film will be presented with English subtitles.

Please visit the official Days of the Dead website for more info, and if you’re in the Atlanta area and crave a great horror convention with guests Clive Barker, Sid Haig, Tony Todd and many more, head on over to the Sheraton Atlanta and get in on all the bloody action this weekend!

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Horror Anthology Cuentos de la Bruja Wins at World Premiere Festival

horror anthology cuentos de la brujaThe latest horror anthology movie from Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC picked up an honorable mention for best feature length film at INFIERNO EN LOS ANDES film festival in Puno, Peru.
Lyddon was on hand for the festivities which included dozens of international short films and several features from around the world.
“It’s the kind of festival where you can talk with the fest directors and everything has a very personal feel to it.  Puno is a great town and an excellent place for a genre event like this.  We has some tough competition from films with budgets far, far greater than ours, so I am pleased that CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA walked away with an honorable mention,” said Lyddon.

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Halloween HAM!

It’s that special time of the year when ghost and goblins abound..and a tasty treat of HAM is waiting to be FOUND! Bwahahaha

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Starring Ben Matheny (AHS – Coven), Roy “Rusty” Jackson, Jr. (First Man on Mars), Brian Lanigan and many more!
halloween horror movies

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1st Trailer for Witch Tales Horror Anthology Movie

Here is the first trailer for the spanish version of Witch Tales called “Cuentos de la Bruja,” written and directed by Mike T. Lyddon  The movie was filmed in two languages on the same set using a bilingual cast thus giving us the film in both spanish and english.
Witch Tales is a horror anthology film based upon pre-code horror comics of the 1950’s, similar to Tales from the Crypt.
We will have the english version of this trailer by the end of the year, and both versions will be on the film festival circuit for much of 2019.
For more info please visit Horror Anthology Movies website.

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Horror Anthology Witch Tales Continues Production

horror anthology movie Witch Tales

Fiorella Vergel, Erick Lopez and Raul Chamorro as the eccentric Dr. Emil Chadwick.

The second segment of the feature length indie horror anthology movie WITCH TALES starring Raul Chamorro, Erick Lopez and Fiorella Vergel has wrapped shooting and production is underway on the third segment.
Director Mike Lyddon has confirmed that the film is scheduled for a theatrical premiere in October, 2018.
This feature is being shot simultaneously in both english and spanish for a wider world market.
Please visit Horror Anthology Movies official site for further details.

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Witch Tales Now Filming

cycle of horror witch talesThe feature length horror anthology movie Witch Tales starring Mayella Lloclla and directed by Mike T. Lyddon is now filming in Lima, Peru.  The film is being shot simultaneously in english and spanish and in production through June, 2018 with a planned limited theatrical release set for October of 2018.

For more info visit Horror Anthology Movies

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Horror Screams Video Vault Interviews Mike Lyddon

From the early days of shooting short super 8 films in the Antelope Valley to his latest feature film FIRST MAN ON MARS (2016), indie filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon or Reel Progress LLC discusses the ins and outs of shooting no-budget features, movie critics, and his love for doing special make up effects, sound tracking and other aspects of filmmaking not typically handled by the director himself.
Read the whole damn interview right here.
Inteview with filmmaker Mike Lyddon

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Mad Monster Party presents First Man on Mars

Reel Progress is pleased to announce that FIRST MAN ON MARS is an official selection at the Mad Monster Party Film Festival coming this weekend, March 24th through 26th in Rock Hill, SC.  Among the many events and special guests featured at the event, the indie sci-fi comedy First Man on Mars from filmmaker Mike Lyddon  will be screening Saturday, March 25th at 2pm.
For more details please visit the official Mad Monster Party website.
First Man on Mars Mad Monster Party Film Festival



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First Man on Mars Makes 2016 Top Indie Film List

First Man on Mars top indie film 2016

Cast and Crew of First Man on Mars on location

Dateline: La – Mike Lyddon’s satirical horror-comedy FIRST MAN ON MARS makes the PS Awards: Eight Incredible Indie Films from 2016.  The micro budget feature is listed among both genre and mainstream indie films and Smolen called the homage to drive-in b-movies “a loving tribute to the wild and wacky drive-in movies of the 1970s.  Gory and goofy, “First Man on Mars” is a pizza and six pack masterpiece!”
Read the entire article.

Find more info on Mike Lyddon and his films HERE.

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