Night Dreams – Halloween Countdown Film #6

Night DreamsNight Dreams (1981)
Before you go any further, this is a HORROR FANTASY PORN film. It contains scenes of hardcore sex, so if you are not of legal age to view this film or you live in some lame ass town or country where it’s illegal to view adult material, skip this post!
Night Dreams was directed by Steven Sayadian, who is also known for Cafe Flesh and the R rated and brilliant “Dr. Caligari.” The film revolves around a woman (Dorothy LeMay) confessing her dark sexual fantasies while she is in an institution for the mentally disturbed. The scenes in this film are surreal, very sexual, and at times a bit disturbing, but Night Dreams remains as a testament to great low budget filmmaking and I highly recommend this movie to anyone who’s willing to take a little adventure to the dark side!
Oh yes, there’s a great lesbian cowgirl scene which uses Wall Of Voodoo’s version of “Ring Of Fire” for the soundtrack!
Click here for online streaming rental information for Night Dreams.

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