Invasion! – Halloween Countdown Film #5

Invasion!Invasion! Aka Welcome To Exceptional Vista (1999)
Ever hear of John Paizs? I am familiar with two films he made- Invasion! and Big Crime Wave, both of which are “cinema of the absurd” style comedies dominated by top notch writing and direction.
Invasion! is a sci-fi – horror – comedy homage to 50’s science fiction films telling the story of a small town which is plagued by a series of bizarre events leading to the demise of the local “Nut Factory.” (as in nuts and bolts)
Of course evil aliens are to blame for the increasingly odd behavior of the residents and it’s up to vacationing scientist Dr. Karel Lamonte (played to the hilt by Campbell Scott) to figure out exactly what is going on and how to stop these evil invaders.
In the meantime we are treated to some of the most hilarious, off the cuff scenes which are so dryly delivered you might think you’re watching a british comedy. But no! It’s a pure Canadian masterpiece also starring the sexy and superb Fiona Loewi who’s got a thing for the good doctor…and her brother??
Find this film. Rent it. Buy it. Whatever. See Invasion……before it’s too late!
Click here for a plot synopsis on Invasion! and DVD purchase information.

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