Detention – The Kids Are All Wrong

Detention movie horror comedyDetention (2012)
We have entered another great period for weird and great cult movies.
Detention is a deconstructionist horror comedy about a masked killer terrorizing students of a small town high school, but it’s also about one dorky girl’s quest to fit in, or it’s about jock-cheerleader-clique mentality, or it’s about the secrets hidden in a magnetized stuffed grizzly bear, or it’s about time travel, or it’s a send up of 80’s and 90’s teen cliches, or it’s….well you get the point.
Or do you?
Sadly it seems like the intangible, existentialist nature of Detention escaped a lot of critics and movie goers who cling to the mundanity of demanding linear coherency in their film going experience.
You will not get this with Detention. If you’re an anal retentive who carries a copy of Syd Field’s “The Foundations Of Screenwriting” to the theater, skip this movie.
However, if you have enjoyed such films as “Cabin In The Woods,” “John Dies At The End” or John Paizs’ “Invasion!” then you need Detention.
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