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Curandero: Dawn of the DemonCurandero: Dawn of the Demon (2005)
A few years ago I saw some stills of the demons from Curandero and I couldn’t wait to see it. Do a search and you will see what I mean. The creatures in this film make it worthwhile, even though the Robert Rodriguez script and Eduardo Rodriguez direction are inconsistent at best.
The story follows a “curandero” (a person who cures people, gives them good luck etc.) and his battle with evil forces, both external and internal as he eventually faces the big battle with a rather nasty demon who has been screwing with him since day one.
First part of the film builds nicely, but it’s the 3rd act and resolution which leave much to be desired as the demons never really seem to be as powerful as they should be and we are left with a fairly week climax.
That being said, I still recommend this film for the make up effects and high contrast orange brown hue that lends itself well to some very fine cinematography.

Curandero : Dawn of the Demon is currently available on VUDU, and excellent VOD alternative to Amazon with a hell of a lot more horror titles than Amazon could ever dream of. Micro budget indies too.

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