Success at London Film Festival

cuentos de la bruja wins film festival awardsMike T. Lyddon’s latest indie horror film CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA has won two awards for BEST HORROR FILM and BEST B-MOVIE from FLICKS FILM FEST LONDON for the film judging block in the month of April.
Cuentos de la Bruja, which is the spanish language version of WITCH TALES, now moves onto the final judging in those categories at the FLICKS FILM FEST event at the end of June.
“I’m really stoked that Cuentos got the Best B-Movie award,” said Lyddon, “even though it’s more like a Z-budget movie!”
CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA is the spanish language version of the feature length anthology film currently on the festival circuit throughout 2019, while the english version of the film, WITCH TALES, is still being edited.
Short selections from the movie are also being considered for festivals worldwide.

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