Mike Lyddon and Reel Progress LLC  are celebrating WITCHTOBER all month long with big savings on our line of indie horror films including blu-rays, DVDs, and Video on Demand.
Witch Tales (2020) is the latest indie feature horror film from Mike Lyddon and RPLLC.  Filmed in Peru using a bilingual cast, Witch Tales is the first anthology film ever presented in both Spanish and English languages and both versions are on the special limited signed blu-ray edition!  On Halloween night, an enchanting witch introduces the three tales of terror while preparing a very special Halloween conjuration.  The stories are based upon classic pre-code horror comic books in the style of EC Comic’s Tales from the Crypt.  The film stars Mayella Lloclla as The Witch.  Mayella is a noted Peruvian TV and Film actress who has appeared in many films and TV series.
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 1 is a huge horror anthology film running 117 minutes and featuring six original indie tales of horror in the sub-genres of both supernatural and science fiction horror. Starring Ben Matheny, the lead actor in the H.P. Lovecraft inspired short “Footage Found, Arabi.”  Matheny is a NOLA based actor who has had roles in Scream Queens, American Horror Story,  and a variety of feature-length movies.  Most of the filmed stories were shot in and around New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, including one segment with live action puppets that was made in NYC.
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. 2 combines modern and classic horror tales with four segments based upon stories by Edgar Allan Poe, Joe R. Lansdale, Jeff Strand, and Lafcadio Hearn who apart from being a great writer, was also a famous New Orleans chef.  Catherine Ashton stars in the story “Of a Promise Broken” that was shot in the French Quarter of New Orleans.   As a child she starred in the 1992 film “Tale of a Vampire” with popular actor Julian Sands.
HALLOWEEN HORROR BUNDLE – right now you can get the Witch Tales blu-ray and the Horror Anthology Movie vol. 1 DVD for the incredibly low price of $16.80 on Ebay with FREE SHIPPING!
But that’s not all!
You can also play the HORROR TRIVIA CONTEST inside every Witch Tales blu-ray and enter to WIN one of ten MOVIE PROPS from the film.
Horror Anthology Movie vol. 2 is also on sale on VIMEO VOD. 
Rent or download at 30% off the normal price!
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