Mike T. Lyddon Filmography

Mike T. Lyddon filmography updated for 2014
F=feature S=short C=commercial MV=music video

Shot on Digital Video
2014-  (In production) “Creepers – Horror Anthology Movie Volume Two” (F) co-producer, co-director, co-writer.
2014-  (In post production) “By the Hair of the Head” (S) producer, director, screenwriter. Adapted from the story by Joe R. Lansdale.
2013-  “Horror Anthology Movie Volume One” (F) producer, co-director, co-writer.
2013-  “Thing in the Shed” (S) producer, director, writer.
2013-  “The Cordyceps Principle” (S) producer, director, writer.
2013-  “Footage Found, Arabi” (S) producer, director, writer. Segments also shot on film.

Shot on 16 mm Film
2016 – “First Man on Mars” (F) producer, director, story, co-writer-screenplay, editor.
1997 – “Bang” (F)actor, location sound and additional make up effects.
1994 – “Cut Up” (F)co-writer, director, producer, editor and special make up effects.

Shot on Super 8 mm Film
1978 – “Why Don’t I San Francisco” (S) 3rd Place California Student Film Competition
1980 – “Mutilation Maniacs” (S)Horror-comedy
1980 – “Deal From the Bottom” (S)Horror-comedy, adapted from
the Harlan Ellison
short story.
1981 – “Nightmare Freddy” (S)Horror comedy
1982 – “Elysium” Horror(S)
1988 – “Burning Image” (M
V) – cinematographer and storyboards.
1996 – “Zombie! Vs. Mardi Gras” (F) as co-writer,director,editor and make up effects.

Shot on Video
2005 – 2010 Howling Earth music project (MV) camera, producer, editor.
2002- “Night For Nixie” (F) writer, director, producer, editor, 2nd camera.
2001- “Nightmare Ridge” (C) camera, editor, effects
2001- “Halloween Soundtrack CD” (C) camera,editor,effects
2000- “Crazy” (S) co-camera, effects
2000- “Cat’s Play” (S) camera on television sequence

1995- “Ted E. Bear Show” (S)co-writer, director, producer.
1992- “Alptraum” (S)co-writer, director, producer, editor and make up effects.
1986- “Commercial Interior Associates” (C)director, producer.
1991- “Valley of the Shadows” (S)co-writer, director, producer, editor.
1991- “Warm and Bright” (S)co-writer, director, producer, editor. Silver Award winner-
Houston International Film Festival.
1986- “Commercial Interior Associates” (C)director, producer.

Movies and Videos in Distribution
Creepers – 2014 (DVD,blu-ray,VOD)
Horror Anthology Movie Vol. One – 2013 (DVD,VOD)
Night For Nixie – 2003 (DVD)
Cut Up – 1994 (DVD,VHS and VOD)
Da Killaz featuring Cut Up (dvd- 4 movie set)
Livin Da Life featuring Cut Up (dvd- 10 movie set with Mario Van Peebles and
Fred Williamson)
Zombie! Vs. Mardi Gras
– 1999 (vhs) (note – currently not in distribution)

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