And now a brief history of Reel Progress.

Back in the winter of 1996 after completing my second collaborative feature film “Zombie! Vs Mardi Gras,” I bought my first computer and soon discovered the lure of website building through one of the original and best programs “Netscape Navigator Gold.” Remember that one?
I started making a website dedicated to unusual low budget independent films and in the beginning of January 1997 I bought the domain reelprogress.com. The rest is history.

Throughout itsĀ 14 year existence, Reel Progress has been a voice for what I consider to be truly low budget independent films which dare to be different. Films which take chances whether they succeed financially or not…the true indy filmmaker. I am NOT talking about low budget being 1 million dollars, that is a king’s ransom for a film IMO.

We here at Reel Progress consider any movies made for under 200,000 dollars to be true low budget films, and so you will see almost nothing but these kinds of films represented on this website.

Mike T. Lyddon writing from FogLand – June, 2010

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