Horror Buzz Review of First Man on Mars

first man on mars horror buzz reviewFirst Man on Mars (2016)
The excellent Horror Buzz reviews First Man on Mars, and it’s a good one!
First Man on Mars Is A Great Sci-Fi Throwback… a love letter to classic sci-fi horror B-movies from Mike T. Lyddon.
An incredibly faithful effort to capture the spirit of those vintage sci-fi thrillers that every fan of the genre owes it to themselves to see.

Click HERE to read the full review.

Click HERE to BUY First Man on Mars, now available at AMAZON, FYE, BEST BUY and other fine stores!

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First Man on Mars Review

first man on mars movie reviewNice review of the feature length cult science fiction horror comedy film FIRST MAN ON MARS, a Reel Progress production released by Tomcat Films LLC.
“Whereas most classic B movies played it straight — with the humor originating from the unintentionally bad acting, writing, and low budget effects — FIRST MAN ON MARS revels in its ultra-campy, over-the-top silliness.”

Click here for the full review from Morbidly Beautiful.  First Man on Mars street date is Sept. 27th, and you can pre-order the DVD from Amazon now.

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The Martian is Coming!

The trailer for FIRST MAN ON MARS is now listed on you tube!
Produced and directed by Mike T. Lyddon, this feature length satirical homage to 70’s drive-in B-movies is currently being marketed worldwide with a U.S. street date projected for fall of 2016 through TOMCAT FILMS.
Click HERE for the trailer.

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Tomcat Films Acquires First Man on Mars

tomcat films first man on mars“King of the Mockbusters” Ted Chalmers and Tomcat Films have acquired the Reel Progress LLC production of Mike T. Lyddon’s feature length horror-comedy FIRST MAN ON MARS for both foreign and domestic distribution.
The film is getting its foreign release now and will be at the CANNES Film Festival in May, with a probable U.S. release toward the end of the year.

Click Here to visit Tomcat Films and watch the trailer.

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Antologia de Terror

antologia de terrorTres peliculas cortas de terror!
Ver los horrores de ciencia y sobrenatural inspirado de los libros de H.P. Lovecraft ahora disponsible solamente en AMAZON, subtitlado en español.

Click para alquiler ANTOLOGIA DE TERROR.

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Special 40th Anniversary Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gift Set

texas chainsaw gift set dvds 40th Anniversary Giftset Blu-ray
Texas Chainsaw Massacre
40th Anniversary Gift set!  Chainsaws and meat hooks are the tools of these white trash psycho-killers’ trade — they decorate their home with human bones, skin and other gruesome relics!

Click Here for more info on this blu-ray gift set!



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Two For One Sale Horror Anthology Movie

sale on horror anthology movie volume oneHalloween two for one SALE!

SALE!! Buy one, get one FREE!
Domestic or International, when you buy one Horror Anthology Movie DVD for the low price of $6.95  you will get a second one FREE! Perfect for that holiday gift!

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The two for one Sale also applies to AMAZON, Click HERE to Purchase!

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New Horror Comedy First Man on Mars in Production

New Orleans, La. – Science fiction horror comedy film First Man on Mars has begun principal photography and is expected to wrap in June, 2015.  In the spirit of Troma and Roger Corman films of the 60’s and 70’s, First Man on Mars tells the story of an astronaut who returns to earth from the red planet as a hideous, mutated creature.  Directed by Mike T. Lyddon from his original story, the film is an homage to cult drive-in shockers and is expected to be released toward the end of 2015.
Click Here for the official FB page.
science fiction horror comedy first man on mars

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Nacogdoches Film Festival gets Scary

Nacogdoches Film Festival-
BY THE HAIR OF THE HEAD played at the festival Saturday night to an appropriately scared audience!  The film was followed by a Q&A by original story writer Joe Lansdale and filmmaker Mike T. Lyddon.  After that, George R.R. Martin, Howard Waldrop, Michael Cassutt and Mr. Lansdale took the stage to talk about writing scripts for film and TV.  The evening closed out with 2 BIG SCREEN episodes from Martin’s GAME OF THRONES HBO TV series.
Watch the Lansdale – Lyddon Q&A HERE.

Mike Lyddon's film at festival

Lansdale (left) and Lyddon talk to the audience after the screening of BY THE HAIR OF THE HEAD.

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MONSTER! #13 on sale now

monster issue 13MONSTER! #13 is on sale now! This issue features two lengthy articles on HAMMER’S DRACULA and FRANKENSTEIN film series, a superb analysis of the various films based upon Richard Matheson’s I AM LEGEND and an interesting look into the history of the TOPPS bubble gum card series called DINOSAURS ATTACK! complete with illustrations of many of the cards in the series.
Also in this issue are reviews of both new and classic horror films such as THE DEMON’S ROOK, SPOOKIES, THE CURSE OF EVIL and SOULKEEPER.
Click HERE to buy Issue #13 of MONSTER!

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