Criterion’s Fiend Without A Face

fiend without a face from criterionFiend Without A Face (1958)
One of many high points in British horror and science fiction films of the 1950’s, Fiend Without A Face gets a much needed “facelift” courtesy of the fine fiends at Criterion!
The story concerns a military outpost on the U.S./Canadian border which is besieged by invisible creatures who swiftly and horribly kill their human victims. The body count keeps rising as Marshall Thompson and crew try to figure out what’s really going on..
I watched this film several days ago and it still holds up after all these years. The Brits have always had a handle on real science fiction and in Fiend Without A Face they throw a healthy dose of CREEPY into the mix for an atmospheric and very inventive genre film. The creatures and animation are superb, and fortunately the filmmakers decided to dispense with a lot of the typical 50’s trappings to concentrate more on the core of the story.
The criterion film transfer is superb and as usual the supplementary materials make this the version to buy.
You can purchase Fiend Without A Face on sale now at CD Universe.

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