Witch Tales and Cuentos de la Bruja on Vimeo

Witch Tales on Vimeo VODReel Progress LLC and Mike Lyddon are very pleased to announce that the indie horror anthology film WITCH TALES is now available for immediate download and streaming video rental on VIMEO.
The movie is presented in two versions:
CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA, the original Spanish language feature with English Subtitles.
WITCH TALES, the English language feature.
This is the first horror anthology movie filmed simultaneously in Spanish and English languages to create two versions of the same film.
The plot: One spooky Halloween eve, a beguiling young witch is concocting a very special and sinister brew while she introduces three terrifying and grotesque horror stories for your perturbed pleasure.
Click Here for the CUENTOS DE LA BRUJA trailer (with English subtitles CC)
Click Here for the WITCH TALES trailer (in English).

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